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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a timeless flooring solution. There are two types of hardwood floor on the market. Solid hardwood and engineered wood. Hardwood floors are an incredible choice because each floor is unique since they come from nature, no two floors are exactly the same. Wood floors are easy to maintain and can last a lifetime if you keep them maintained properly.

At Flooring Depot in Houston, TX it is our greatest pleasure to put a smile on the faces of our clients with incredible floors. Hardwood floors are a showstopper and the pure beauty that comes when a home is fitted with wood floors throughout is absolutely stunning.

A question we get from clients looking into hardwood is “are hardwood floors expensive”? The fact of the matter is that hardwood flooring is an investment initially. But the durability and long-lasting nature of hardwood make the investment worthwhile in the long run. Hardwood floors stand the test of time when properly maintained and have the unique ability to be refinished if the surface needs spiffing up. At Flooring Depot, we are experts in hardwood flooring and can answer all your questions. There is flexibility in choosing hardwood floors and that is another feature that make them a desirable option!

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is getting the hardwood look for less. Like traditional hardwood floors, engineered hardwood comes in panels. Where they differ is that hardwood comes as a solid panel of wood and engineered wood features a core of composite materials that is topped with a layer of genuine hardwood, thus the name engineered wood. Once installed you cannot tell the difference between the two, and the price point of engineered wood cannot be beat! Engineered wood floors have similar maintenance requirements as hardwood floors and can also be refinished if needed. Our experts at Flooring Depot have a vast selection of wood types and finishes to choose from and you will be pleased to see that just like with hardwood, each floor will have its own unique look.

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