Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are one of the places in the kitchen that have the ability to bring that “WOW” factor into your home. You can’t walk into a kitchen and not notice the countertops. Kitchen countertops often take up some of the most space within the kitchen and there are definitely some things to consider when selecting new countertops for your kitchen. Keeping in mind a handful of helpful tips will have you choosing perfect, gorgeous countertops to have installed in your Cypress, TX kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Aesthetics

The look of your countertops is probably the number one item on every homeowner’s list. What do you want your kitchen countertops to look like? Do you want the elegance of marble? Marble countertops are stunningly beautiful and can add so much to the aesthetic of your kitchen. At the same time, granite is equally as pleasing to the eye with so many patterns and colors to choose from. Another show-stopping countertop material that is sought after today is quartz. Quartz is luxurious and the natural beauty of it can really breathe life into your home. Determining the look of your countertops is the key decision that you will want to make, to bring beauty into your kitchen.

Ease Of Countertop Cleaning

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Cooking, eating, congregating and of course cleaning is inevitable. Having countertops that are difficult to clean is not something any of us want to hassle with. For this reason, finding kitchen countertops that are non-porous is advisable because they will not stain easily, and you will find the cleaning and upkeep process more straightforward. The drawback of countertop options such as granite and marble is that they can be susceptible to staining. Having these countertops sealed goes a long way towards helping to prevent stains but is not always completely effective. Its best practice to wipe up spills immediately from any countertop surface to avoid potential stains. Having hard surface countertops that are free of grooves is also an important factor, you don’t want to risk having any types of bacteria accumulating in any little crevices that may get overlooked, as to avoid the spread of germs in the place where you are preparing your food.

Kitchen Counter Durability Counts

Having countertops that can stand up to knife scratches and hot pans is essential in a busy home kitchen. Granite countertops are the MVP when it comes to holding their own against the scratches and hot pots and pans, they hold up nicely and can tolerate the occasional pan being set down upon it without a trivet. Tiles also have the ability to resist issues from these items in the kitchen. Being aware of which materials can tolerate the heat and wear from kitchen use is a fundamental idea that should be thought of prior to purchasing new kitchen countertops. Some hard surface counters will need to always have a cutting board and trivet at the ready to ensure there is not damage that occurs while dinner is cooking.

If you keep these important factors in mind when you are planning for your new countertops, you will be sure to select countertops that are not only beautiful but also functional for your specific needs. Countertops are not just beautiful they also need to be functional and work for you in the way you need them too. Our experience staff can help you select countertops for your Cypress, TX home.

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